Complementary Courses

When we teach Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) and Complementary Courses at Greystone, our goal is to match teacher expertise with student passion. As a result, our program offerings change throughout the school year and from year to year as we respond to the interests of our students. 

Note: Some options have a fee associated with them. For specific costs of each course, please refer to the information that is sent home.

Past GCMS Complementary Courses

  • Foods*
  • PE Leadership*
  • Outdoor Education / Sports Exploration*
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Art
  • Theatre Production
  • Just Build It*
  • Scratch / Robotics*
  • Hockey 101*
  • Study Hall / Study Skills / Classroom Assistants
  • Mental Health Matters / Wellness
  • Ebert, Roper and Rotten Tomatoes
  • Follow the Leader: Student Leadership 

* These courses have historically had a fee associated with them.